Fused Glass Pay As You Go Sessions - Wicked Gen Crafts Shop

Many of you have already had a go at fused glass and would like an opportunity to develop your skills further without having to make a commitment to a full length course. These pay as you go sessions allow you to expand your existing knowledge and work alongside other people who will have a different range of skills. You will be taught new skills as well as having the opportunity to practice skills you already have. You will also benefit from working with other students who have differing levels of skills and are likely to be working on a different technique to yourself. Materials are charged separately which means that you only pay for what you use.  See below for pricing.

Materials used in the PAYG sessions are paid for on collection of your work after firing in the kiln.  Prices are calculated based on the weight of the piece and the type of glass that you use as follows:

Float Glass

  • 0.5p per gram for 3mm clear glass sheet (where it can easily be measured)
  • 12p per gram for other materials used in piece

Bullseye Glass

  • 15p per gram

Additional Firings in Kiln

One kiln firing is included in the price of the PAYG session.  Additional firings will be charged at £10 for up to 2 items requiring the same firing eg slumping, draping etc