Working with Children


Are you looking for Art Classes for Kids?  Have you thought about doing something different such as a glass fusing class?  Children are amazed by glass.  It is a fascinating material for children as young as 5 to work with in a safe and controlled environment.  Making unique pieces of fused glass art gives each child a great sense of achievement as well as astonishment at how the fused glass piece they have made has magically transformed during the kiln firing process.

 For each fused glass workshop, a theme and colour scheme can be selected for the children to work with.  The workshop will consist of an interactive introductory session to give the children an overview of the glass fusing process.  Different products that they will work with are passed around for the children to comment on and answer questions about.  They will then make their individual pieces using a selection of glass products to decorate a base piece of glass.  The pieces are then taken away for firing in my kiln.  When I return the finished work I like to spend 15 minutes with the children to remind them of the products they used and the fusing process and talk through any questions or comments once they have seen their finished work.

All the glass products that the children work with will be safe for them to use.

I work with schools and childrens groups in groups of up to 30 children in a single session and I can do multiple sessions (eg at a school) in a day. 

If your school or childrens’ group are interested, please ring me on 07929 724349 or email me at [email protected]


Schools and groups I have worked with

  • Netherhall Learning Campus - 40 children of mainly secondary school age all made their own individual medals as part of a 2 weekNetherhall - Medals summer camp. 
  • Salterhebble Junior and Infants School, Halifax - 90 children in three classes from years 1, 2 and 5 were introduced to glass fusing as part of their Arts Festival.  Each child picked a country and decorated their piece of glass with frit, confetti and stringers in the colours of the flag of their selected country.  The year 1 and 2 pieces will be hung inside one of the windows of the staff-room.  The year 5 glass has been fused into a single piece which will stand in the window of the staff-room.
  • St Mary's Catholic Primary School, Halifax - 90 children in three classes from years 1 and 2 were introduced to glass fusing.  Their theme was the Golden Jubilee so they were given red, white and blue stringers, confetti and frit to decorate clear strips of glass which once fused were used as bunting to decorate the class rooms.
  • Holy Trinity Brownies, Halifax - 30 children each made an Olympic medal using frit and stringers in the Olympic colours red, blue, green, yellow and black.